Custom Events to Raise Money

You will have:

your very own event

your very own password-                protected webpage

your very own leader board

If you are a 

health company

running company

athletic apparel store

exercise coach

company interested in health

. . . with at least 100 participants




women's club

kids club


fitness club

running shoe store

Virtual Uberthons will

design a custom medal

design a custom ribbon

design a custom race bib

. . . for your organization

The price for virtual races can be set so your organization makes money.  There is no normal price, so you can choose whatever price you would like.

The starting value for a virtual race is $23.00 per participant. If your organization is looking to make money on your virtual races, you would add an amount to $23.00 - this would set the price for your event.  If you want to receive $5.00 per participant, then, the registration fee would be $28.00.  See how that works?

Annual events some organizations will have a series of events during the year.  Wellness challenges and fitness programs are sometimes 4-weeks, 8-weeks, or 12-weeks in duration.  Each challenge or program culminates in a virtual race for the participants.  

If a participant registers for each event in your organization's series, an award could be given to the 'series participant.'  A necklace, or a dogtag may be appropriate.  In this case, Virtual Uberthons would pay for, and would send the award to the recipient.

Participant payments - When one of your members registers for your event, they do it online with a credit card. No money needs to go through your organization.  If money is owed to your organization, Virtual Uberthons sends you a check.

Once they register, the bib, medal, and stop watch are sent to them.

All participants receive

Race bib

Finisher medal

Stop watch

You, or your organization, earn $5 - $10 per registration


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