Run with your friends; form a team.


Now, let's get out and get ready to run you race.


How do you time your race?  Every time you run a Virtual Uberthons race, you receive an Uberthons Timing Watch to time your race - CLICK HERE


Race Number

Racing bibs are sent with each registration. Bibs are printed by the premier 'race number' company in the USA - Marathon Printing. Your bib will be made of TYVEK® material. You may also print a temporary race number by clicking on the race number. 

Timing Watch
Finisher Medal

Your specially designed finishers medal will be sent to you with your timing watch and race number with 15 - 30 days of registering for the event. The medal is large - 3 1/2 inches wide and 5mm thick in the middle! The ribbon is kind of sporty, too.

Leader board

Once you have completed your race, submit your results to Virtual Uberthons - your results will appear with all those who participate in the Jack's Angels 5k, 10k, or 20k. CLICK HERE to submit your results.  Click on this tab to see the results so far:


Jack’s Angels Foundation

First in a series of 6 Virtual Uberthons for Jack’s Angels Foundation

Why DIPG research?


More children die of DIPG than any other brain tumor, and brain tumors are the leading cause of death in children with cancer. Unfortunately, very little of our US government funds for cancer research benefit pediatric cancers - 4% actually - so that the burden rests with parents and parent-initiated foundations to find solutions to save these children's lives.


We hope to help prioritize the saving of young lives in the medical research system both with our advocacy work, and with our attempts to raise funds for research with other DIPG organizations.


Childhood Cancer Talk Radio

National DIPG Awareness Resolution



“May Light and Hope replace despair and grief for DIPG children and their families.”—Jack’s Angels Prayer




Register & Run

Receive your medal, bib, and timing watch

Record your results

At least $10 of the registration fee will benefit Jack's Angels Foundation.  

To donate additional funds

The profit will benefit Jack's Angels Foundation -

501(c)3 #46-1320003, and you may donate more if you wish.  

Take selfies, post on Virtual Uberthons and also our Facebook page, and use the hashtags #runforDIPG and #Cure DIPG  #51717

Click HERE to see the text of the DIPG Awareness Resolution

Click HERE to to learn how you can easily help it pass!

Visit to help get an Awareness Day for DIPG in your state!

Visit for information about the 6k and Superhero Sprint on 5/28/2017 in Maryland -- and it has a virtual race, too, West-Coasters!


The 1st Inaugural "Virtual Relay for Jack"

Celebrating the National DIPG Awareness Resolution 2017

We are running for DIPG Research, and also to support National DIPG Awareness Day.

5k, 10k, 20k


  • Register throughout 2017

  • Run/Walk on your time, from anywhere in the world!

  • Receive a beautiful commemorative medallion for DIPG Awareness Day 2017

  • Support DIPG research!

  • POST your results on Virtual Uberthons and pictures on our Facebook pages! (Run for DIPG, Jack’s Angels Foundation, “Just Say It!”—DIPG, the Run for a National DAY

  • Use the HASHTAGS #RunforDIPG, #CureDIPG, and return for the HRes designation hashtag for the Resolution!  #HRes69

  • Kids!  1k=5k!

  • The profit benefits Jack’s Angels Foundation, and you may donate even more if you wish.

a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization#46-1320003, dedicated to a DIPG research project at the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute for this event.

Virtual Relay for Jack