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How do you time your race?  Every time you run a Virtual Uberthons race, you receive an Uberthons Timing Watch to time your race - CLICK HERE


Race Number

Racing bibs are sent with each registration. Bibs are printed by the premier 'race number' company in the USA - Marathon Printing. Your bib will be made of TYVEK® material. You may also print a temporary race number by clicking on the race number. 

Timing Watch
Finisher Medal

Your specially designed finishers medal will be sent to you with your timing watch and race number with 15 - 30 days of registering for the event. The medal is large - 3 1/2 inches wide and 5mm thick in the middle! The ribbon is kind of sporty, too.

Leader board

Once you have completed your race, submit your results to Virtual Uberthons - your results will appear with all those who participate in the Mentor Athletics 5k, 10k. CLICK HERE to submit your results. Click on this tab to see the results so far:


Mentor Athletics

5k Run



Pick your distance, and run for the kids!


Try to register by December 2, 2016. Registration closes January 2, 2017.


First in a series of 6 Virtual Uberthons for Mentor Graphics

Visit www.mentorathletics.org.


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At least $10 of the registration fee will benefit Mentor Graphics.  

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Mentor Athletics 5k Run

Mentor Athletics presents a series of virtual races benefiting the kids of Mentor Athletics with


Mentoring Youth Through Sports


Established in 2002, Mentor Athletics invests in the lives of low income youth through sports.  Our goal is to match each of the kids in our programs with a caring mentor (Coach) who pours into his/her life.  


A majority of Mentor Athletics kids live in Housing Authority of Clackamas County public housing in Oregon City; others live in Milwaukie and Southeast Portland.


Our Coaches help his/her mentee with personal goals as well as goals established by Mentor Athletics:


Be Healthy:  70 percent of Mentor Athletics kids who are matched with a Coach exercise at least 60 minutes a day.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 42 percent of children get the recommended amount of exercise (60 minutes daily).  


Be Committed:  Whether it is school, sports, a job or other activity we teach the value of commitment.  Our goal  is for 80% of Mentor Athletics kids to have less than six absences per school year.


Be Yourself:  In other words, we encourage our kids to think for themselves and not “be a follower”.  We understand that not all kids are meant to be a leader, but we equip each of the kids with tools to know good and bad choices and not follow others into poor decisions.


Mentor Athletics Mission

To invest in the lives of low income youth through caring Coaches.

What you get . . .