What is a Virtual Uberthons race?

First of all, the word Uberthons is a trademarked word that means . . . best running and walking events. How do we know this? Because we coined the word out of two interesting words - uber and marathons, and we gave it a definition. It stuck, and became known for quality running and walking events. 


A Virtual Uberthons race is a running or walking event in which you participate with many other health-conscious people. We encourage you to run or walk outside - in the clean, clear air, but, you can run whenever and wherever you choose. A Virtual Uberthons event is like the real thing - a real Uberthons event. You prepare, you purchase equipment, you set your timing watch, and off you go! Treat yourself when you are finished - drink lots of water, and eat bananas.


How did you come up with the fancy medals?

For years, Uberthons has produced running events, and provided management for other race directors. Uberthons saw all the bad medals, cheap medals, small medals, and did not feel a participant got his or her moneys worth with these medals. Uberthons produces medals like people deserved, and before long, race directors all over the country were asking for our medals. Many people want the chance to be part of an event, but cannot travel - Virtual Uberthons was born so folks can have something special to remember all the hard work! 


Tell me what I need to do?


Register for a race. Decide if you want running partners. Register for a race - it is easy. Encourage others to participate in Exercising Right by sharing on Facebook about your event choices, and tell us about those with whom you ran or walked the race. Soon, after you have registered, your medal will be sent to you - you earned it! Then, record your results. 


What happens if I form a team?


Create a team of 20 or more, and you will earn custom ribbons on your medals. Can you imagine seeing your 'team' logo on your neck ribbon? When you register, let us know if you are forming a team.


Do all medals have a ribbon?


Yes, even the belt buckles have a ribbon.  


Is there a time frame in which I must run my event?


No. You can register anytime when you see an event is available. Some events are holiday related, and, we would encourage you to run the holiday events close to that holiday.  For instance, the Turkeython could be run on Thanksgiving morning, or on Thanksgiving weekend - it just seems like the right thing to do.


Why does the entry fee seem low?


Virtual Uberthons leaves it up to you to donate to a charity organization. Of course, this is always a great thing to do, a great way to help. A donation link is provided for you if you want to make a donation to an organization that we recommend, or, you can simply donate to one of hundreds of worthy causes on your own. Some people already donate to several charities, and feel like they would like to continue to do it by themselves. For this reason, the entry fee has been reduced - and, you decide if you want to make a donation by using a link on a Virtual Uberthons webpage.

Any other advice I might need?


Sure.  Run at your own risk.  Have fun.  Be happy.  Share with others.  Eat Right and Exercise Right.  And, finally, if you have a desire to share your ideas for Virtual Uberthons events, please share with us. If you have kids, teach them to enjoy running and walking.


Do I get a bib?


Yes. You receive your bib with your medal and timing watch. While you wait for the mailman, you may print a bib that is found on a pdf link on the event registration page. 


What can I expect for events in the future?


Virtual Uberthons has some very fun series events planned in the near future. Keep running Virtual Uberthons events, collecting medals, and sharing your experiences on Facebook, and you will be the first to know when new events appear!


May we have a custom medal made for our event?


Yes, of course.  Contact SeeTheFinish.com - they will help you with all your event needs.

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